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Department of Justice (DOJ)

The Department of Justice developed the Applicant Background Check Status portal:


You are able to check your fingerprint status by using your:
  • Applicant Transaction Identifier (ATI) # (provided by the vendor when your Live Scan is submitted)
  • Date of Birth
In-Progress: means that your live scan images were received by DOJ and are pending review – Results are not yet sent to the Public Authority.
Completed: means that your DOJ results were sent to the Public Authority/Custodian of Records for final review and determination of provider eligibility.
Applicant Transaction Not Found: means that your live scan images haven’t been received by the DOJ. In case of this message, please contact the vendor where your Live Scan was performed.

Employment Verification

As an IHSS home care provider, the Public Authority is here for your employment verification needs. We are here to assist you with verification if you need a loan, information for another government agency, to apply for a position with another company, or if you just need to know for your own records.

All Verification of Employment (VOE) requests must be submitted in writing by:

Emailing IHSSPACOR@rivco.org (Att. Verifications of Employment)


Fax - 951-686-1419 (Att. Verifications of Employment)


Mail - PO Box 7300, Moreno Valley, CA 92552 (Att. Verifications of Employment)

A complete VOE request should include:

  • Provider's full SSN
  • Full Legal Name
  • Provider's Original Signature & date (within 90 days)

Third Party requestors should provide an Authorization to Release Employment Information, originally signed and dated by the provider (within 90 days).

VOEs are completed within twenty (20) business days of receiving the written request.

Download VOE request form: Provider Employment Verification Request

Employment verifications include the following information from the Case Management Information and Payrolling System:

  • Provider first and last name
  • Provider social security number
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Beginning pay period date
  • Ending pay period date (if terminated)
  • Current hourly rate
  • Current authorized hours per month

The following are not included in the VOE, however, may be available upon request:

  • Historical hourly rate
  • Historical authorized hours per month
  • Income

In alignment with the IHSS 2010 Program Integrity Initiative, the Public Authority will report year-to-date earnings for hours paid in service to all authorized IHSS Consumers.

Questions regarding an IHSS home care provider's work ethics or hours worked must be directed to the consumer of IHSS services, who is the actual employer of the IHSS home care provider.

Contact us by phone at: (888) 960-4477. Phone hours are Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM. We are closed on weekends and County-observed holidays.